About Lantech Solutions

Who We are.

Lantech Solutions Inc. (formerly Computer Engineering Services) was formed in March of 2002. Since that time, LSI has striven to provide unparalleled Information Technology (IT) service and support for small and medium businesses.

We are dedicated to the well being of our customers network and computers.

We strive to make the the day to day operations of a network be seemless to our customers. LSI believes that we can make technology work for our customers allowing them to be more productive and frankly be more profitable.
Our Systems Engineers have over 20 years of experience working with a variety of computer products and services and hold a variety of computer related certifications. Our main focus is providing consulting, design, installation and repair services for small to medium businesses.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide great service above all. We also want customers understand that we are a caring company that wants our customers businesses to grow. As our customers proper so do we.

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple. We want to help small businesses grow by providing needed IT services from dedicated professionals.

Our Phylosophy

We believe in customer service. Customer service is providing a great service at a competitive price in a timely manner while putting the customers worries at ease.

What makes us different

Professional Service

Caring Experienced Dedicated professionals.

Fast Process

Onsite and Remote Services available.

No Hidden Charges

Clear Service Charge Amounts. Service Block Hours and Set Project Charges available.

Online Support Help

Online Support.

We provide IT solutions tailored for various industries!

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